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Webcol.co.uk Web Design & Promotions - Site Engine Optimisation - SEO

Get Found on Google, Yahoo - all Major Search Engines.......

Lots of ‘specialised’ SEO Companies out there Guarantee Page1 listing for your website on search engines.  Please note that I don’t believe that you can 100% guarantee this, however you can do several things to increase your chances of getting good result from search engines for you website.

Webcol.co.uk can do all the hard work for you, click HERE to view the cost of our SEO service.

HOWEVER.....If you'd like to have a bash yourself, here is what Webcol does during the SEO process;

Here is what Webcol does and suggests to improve your Search Engine Listings;

1) Advises you on Key words.  Key words are the words you want to associate your Web Site with(what someone types into a search engine to find your site); for example: Webcol.co.uk.  Keywords “ Web Design Motherwell” or “Web Design Scotland”  - The wording on your home page must have the correct percentage of keywords to allow search engines to associate and index your sites objectives.

2) Webcol designs and Builds your website correctly. Some of the key elements Webcol deploys here are, use of meta tags, <h1 headers>, body text, bold links, anchor text, image names, alt text, sitemaps, directory hierarchy(Distance of pages from the root directory of a site may also be a factor in whether or not pages get crawled), 

3) Site Maps. Webcol completes a Google site map for all websites web design

4) Reciprocal linking – time consuming – but important
Basically this is emailing various other ‘like website’ in Webcols case Web Designers and asking them to link to your website – in return your website links back to theirs.

5) Submission to DMOZ
      Why is it important to get listed in the DMOZ Directory?
DMOZ is a popular free open source search directory edited by human volunteers. With a PageRank™ of 9 it should be on your priority list when it comes time for site submission to directories.

As an authorative hub a link from a DMOZ directory category to your website will give your site a boost in PageRank™ and may assist in getting search engine spiders to crawl your site faster and more often.
Google also uses DMOZ data for its Google directory.

6) Submission to all the Major search engines (note if you complete step 4, this one is not really required as The leading search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, use search engine crawlers to find pages for their search results. Pages that are linked from other search engine indexed pages do not need to be submitted because they are found automatically.

Webcol.co.uk Site Engine Optomization (SEO) Costs.

1) We charge £150 to perform the SEO tasks - as stated above

2) When your Site reaches page 1 of Google for your choosen Key words - a balance of £100 is payable to Webcol.co.uk



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